Top 5 tools that I'll keep in 2018

I'm willing to sign up, download and give a 3-day-try to almost any tool that promises to make our work flow better. I especially have a thing for desktop apps. 

But frankly, I delete or forget most of them within the first month.

But the keepers are heavily used and appreciated, so I thought I would share them.


The WA is an online profile for IT candidates that effortlessly highlights and shares their technical abilities with potential employers, without compromising on their right to control who can view their résumé.

Used for: 7 months
Frequency: Daily
Runs on: Web
I (would) pay: 50 000 NOK/ $6000 a year for Premium Features

Why I love: The low key poking feature introduces us to candidates we would never reach through regular recruiting, and their WA profiles instantly tells me if they fit our team or not.
Most loved feature: Premium Search, where you can look through anonymous skill profiles and poke the ones you would like to get to know. The candidate then choose whether or not they want to let mer access their full profile or not.
What could be better: The design. (Coming soon!)

Skjermbilde 2018-01-02 kl. 14.56.17.png
wa gif.gif

#2 Pastebot

The Pastebot tracks everything you copy in a history list, and then lets you paste previous clips (including screenshots and snippets).

Used for: 1 year
Frequency: Hourly
Runs on: Mac
I pay: 109 NOK/ $13 a year

Why I love it: Most of my clipboard contains links, snippets or email address I will need multiple times. I was longing for something like this. I even made my brother program a temporary solution, but not as good as this one.
Most loved feature: Paste second copy.
What could be better: So essential that it should be a part of the Mac package.

Skjermbilde 2018-01-02 kl. 15.42.28.png
Skjermbilde 2018-01-02 kl. 12.57.40.png

#3 Newton Mail

Newton is a modern, clean email client for those who get lost in Gmail and hate Outlook.

Used for: 1,5 year
Frequency: Hourly
Runs on: iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac
I pay: $49.99 a year

Why I love it: Everything has a keyboard shortcut. ^1, ^2.. to switch between accounts, R to respond, F to forward, Z to regret sending the mail, S to star etc.
Most loved feature: The "read receipt" is awesome. Then I know when to remind people that I'm waiting for a response. I can see when the email was read, without them knowing I know they read it. Sneaky, but genius.
What could be better: Searching for emails. Especially those with multiple recipients.

newton reAD.png

#4 is the task managing tool you're going to keep using. Though the design is Trello inspired, it's even easier to use and better for task handling.

Used for: 3 months
Frequency: Daily
Type: Web, Chrome, Mac, iPhone, Android, Alexa
I pay: Nothing. All my needs are served on the Freemium model.

Why I love: It's synced on all devices and let's me categorize and schedule both business and personal tasks without everything becoming overbearing and messy. I also love that the deadlines are not sorted on dates, but today, tomorrow, upcoming and someday. It's less stressful somehow.
Most loved feature: Switching the sorting between categories and deadlines.
What could be better: I'm missing "task in progress". It would be motivating to see that tasks are started, not just pending or finished.

800x500bb (1).jpg

#5 Fiken Regnskap

Fiken is a Norwegian self help accounting system that easily let's smaller companies deal with accounting, invoicing, salaries and reports.

Used: 2 years
Frequency: Daily
Type: Web, iPhone, Android
I pay: 4500 NOK/ $555 a year

Why I love: I love the automatic features that are integrated with Altinn and how easy it is to navigate through the system. 
Most loved feature: Fiken is able to read receipts and suggest which VAT code to register them as. This save us a lot of typing and researching time!
What could be better: We miss an integrated time tracker, but have heard rumors that it's coming in 2018.

solgt noe.png

These are my top five tools for general work tasks. All of them are focusing on doing the main task best, instead of bombarding you with dozens of half-ass features to solve all your problems.

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Hope you enjoyed the tips, best wishes for your productivity in 2018!

Stine Andreassen
CEO Wide Assessment AS

I also highly recommend Pivotal Tracker for software developement.

And Slack, Doodle, Zapier, Mailchimp, Sendgrid, Trello, Zendesk, Pingdom,,, Email Estractor, and many more for communication and marketing.

But that area is a jungle I'll have navigate for you another time..