We are using our experience to change how small companies attract and hire IT competence by reconstructing the CV. Though we're keeping parts of it, a WA will mostly focus on the candidates' skill level and context, so that this can be matched with our costumers' needs.

Personally, I have more IT passion than skills, and more experience trying to challenge the recruitment industry than being a part of it, so I'm doing this because I truly believe that our team can attract the people, capital and market shares needed to untangle the knots in today's market.

If you ask our Sales Manager, he's doing it because of he has spent the last decade trying to help candidates and customers do this manually, and made money doing so. But he knows there is a better way to do things, and he want to be a part of that turnaround.

And our Lead Developer is just tired of crappy systems and wants to build something better.