Merry Christmas!


We decided to keep the tradition we started in our original recruitment agency and add an honest list of 2017's wins and losses to our Christmas greetings.

With this, we want to thank users, customers, partners, investors, board and supporters, and wish you all a merry Christmas and a heck of a new year. We can't wait to update this list next year:

Companies Freemium:  172
- deleted fake companies: 35
Companies Premium: 12
New employees hired: 30

Money at beginning: 1,1M NOK
Money raised during: 2M NOK
New investors: 6
Current owners: 14
Loan granted: 1,5M NOK
Money at end: 2,7M NOK

Articles written: 4
Reporters approached: 20
Articles published: 2
Pitches held: 1 billion
Piches nailed: 1 

Candidate launch: February
Company launch: May
Customer launch: August
Average delivery delay: 2 months
Average bugs in releases: 4

Signed up: 3900
Signed down: 100
Countries 2017: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, UK
Countries 2018: USA
Current pokes: 1100

Going in: 3
Going out: 5
Students: 10
Interns: 3
Planned hires 2018: 5